The setting for this campaign is Armant, which is used to describe the world as a whole, the Armant Empire that rules it, and the great city of Armant Proper at the empire's heart.  In this world, a global civilization of powerful city-states collapsed in a period of chaos and internecine strife under the influence of a malevolent entity known only as the Dark One.  In the 1,400 years since that collapse, society has slowly rebuilt around the nigh-omnipotent Armant Empress, who rules from her seat atop the empire: the Corporeal Throne.


Central to this setting is the Tree of the Spear of the God That Was, a massive, living firmament that towers two miles into the sky, crowned by the Floating World where the Corporeal Throne is situated.  Down the flanks of the Tree, on its branches and boughs, are built the dozens of levels that compose the nation-city of Armant Proper, where the majority of the Empire's thirty-two-million citizens live.  The rest of the Armant Empire fills the lands around the Tree of the Spear in small farming communities, mines, logging camps, and frontier settlements, but most people will be born, live, and die upon the Tree.  After all, beyond the shelter of the Empire, the world is untamed and dangerous, from undead-haunted ruins of the old world and marauding bands of ogres to the bloodthirsty wemic prides of the savannah and gangs of bandits driven half-mad by the wilderness into which they have been exiled.


Culturally, the Armant Empire has a decidedly "Eastern" flair, borrowing elements of society from the medieval eras of real-world countries like China, Korea, Japan, Persia, India, and Mongolia.  These are mixed with the more traditional medieval Western conceits that populate most D&D and Pathfinder settings, fused together into a (hopefully) unique world, with a different feel from the typical setting, but familiar enough to give players a starting point to design their character.


There are several significant changes to the base Pathfinder as a result of this setting, the more mechanical of which will be detailed in this section and others that will be covered in the information about the world itself.  These include basic feats, the magic system, and weapons/armor.


While I have endeavored to provide as much detail as I can as to the world and culture, as always, players should feel encouraged to propose new ideas when designing their characters, and I am always willing to collaborate, seeing if parts of the world can be modified to accommodate an interesting character concept.