New Feats

E12 Feats

The following feats can only be selected by characters who have reached level 12, using the feats gained every 30,000xp after 12th.

Boost Aura
Prerequisite: Dragon Aura class feature
Benefit: Aura bonus increases by +1.

Boost Enemy
Prerequisite: Favored Enemy class feature
Benefit: Favored Enemy bonus increases by +2 for one enemy type.
Special:  Can be selected multiple times.  The effects do not stack.  Instead, select a new enemy type each time.

Boost Terrain
Prerequisite: Favored Terrain class feature
Benefit: Favored Terrain bonus increases by +2 for one terrain type.
Special:  Can be selected multiple times.  The effects do not stack.  Instead, select a new terrain type each time.

Breath of Fire
Prerequisite: Breath weapon class feature
Benefit: Breath weapon damage increases by +1d6.

Extra Spell Focus
Prerequisite: Greater Spell Focus, Spell Focus
Benefit: Select one of your Greater Spell Focus schools.  The bonus to spell DCs increases by +1.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects do not stack.  Instead, select a new Greater Spell Focus school.

Extra Spell Slot
Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells
Benefit: Gain 1 additional 1st-level spell slot per day.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack.  Every 2 times this feat is taken, you can choose an extra spell slot of 1 spell level higher (2nd at 3 times, 3rd at 5 times, etc.), up to the highest level you can normally cast at 12th level.

Benefit: Physical attacks inflict +1 damage.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack.

Improved Toughness
Prerequisite: Toughness
Benefit: Gain 8 additional hit points.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack.

Irresistable Breath
Prerequisite: Breath weapon class feature
Benefit: Breath weapon DC increases by +1.

Benefit: Select one of your additional attacks granted from your BAB in a full attack action.  It gains a +1 bonus to hit.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack, but none of your secondary attacks can be increased higher than your primary attack.

Benefit: You replace your 12th character level with the 1st level of another class or prestige class for which you qualify, as if you had selected the replacement class originally.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack, though you can choose to either replace additional original class levels or swap out the new levels for other new levels.

Skilled Companion
Prerequisite: Animal companion class feature
Benefit: Your animal companion can select any one feat for which they qualify (including E12 feats).
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  Your animal companion cannot gain more E12 feats than your character possesses.

Benefit: Gain 2 additional skill points.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack.

Super-Extra Channel
Prerequisite: Extra Channel
Benefit: Gain 1 additional use of the Channel Energy ability per day.
Special: Can be selected multiple times.  The effects stack.


Normal Feats

Included here are feats available to any character who meets the prerequisites.

Some last, gasping vesper of power sleeps within you; perhaps you are the distant descendant of a legendary hero or the blood of a Great Beast runs in your family, dozens of generations removed.
Prerequisite: 1st-level character only
Benefit: Select a 0th-level arcane spell.  You can cast this spell once per day as a spell-like ability.  At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, you can cast it one additional time per day.


Regional Feats

Included here are Regional Feats available to characters. A Regional Feat must be selected at 1st level and a character can only ever select one. They generally require the character to be of a specific race or from a specific cultural area.

Any Port in a Storm [Regional]
Lives and cargo are all well-and-good, but the most important thing for any sailor is his ship and you'll be damned before you sacrifice you lose yours.
Prerequisite: Native of Marukeem
Benefit: Any water vehicle you captain gains 25% more hit points and a +4 to its hardness while you are in charge.


Bloody but Unbroken [Regional]

Hard-used for their entire lives, the people of the Tyrancy have grown hardy over the generations.
Prerequisite: Native of the Tyrancy of Geddephron
Benefit: You can ignore any condition that would normally make you Fatigued, while a condition that would make you Exhausted instead only makes you Fatigued.


Called to Hunt [Regional]
Though the heartland of Idyle is kept secure by the power of the Great Mother and her children, the borders must still be patrolled.  You and your kin are all required to participate in the Hunt, but you took a special delight stalking the forest and felling the enemies of your folk.
Prerequisite: Elf (Idyle)
Benefit: When in a forest environment, you gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge [Geography], Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks. When traveling through forest, you also leave no trail and cannot be tracked unless you specifically choose to do so.
Note: This ability is similar to the Ranger's Favored Terrain class feature and stack with the Favored Terrain bonuses.


Common Faith [Regional]
Even the layfolk of the Council of Wyrms holds some devotion to the dragons that shield them and make their society possible.  With such faith, it is not at all surprising that even the least amongst their number tend to develop a small spark of power.
Prerequisite: Native of the Council of Wyrms, Wis 10
Benefit: Choose any 0th-level divine spell. You can use this as a spell-like ability once per day with a caster level equal to 1/2 your character level (minimum 1). At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, you can use this ability one extra time per day.


Day by Day [Regional]
Life is bleak and joy fleeting, but if your only goal is to see the next sunset, perhaps you can endure.
Prerequisite: Native of Barren Haven
Benefit: You are immune to mind-affecting effects.  On the other hand, you also gain no benefit from any positive mind-affecting effects or any ability that grants a morale bonus.


Dayhunter [Regional]
Chosen at birth by the Court of Webs to carry out their will on the surface world, you were subjected to horrible tortures with light and fire, until you were rendered immune to their deleterious effects on your species.
Prerequisite: Drow (Old Lastra)
Benefit: You are immune to the Light Blindness special quality.


Feyblessed [Regional]
Long association with the fey who flock through Estruaza has left you permeated with mystic power.
Prerequisite: Native of Estruaza
Benefit: You are immune to all forms of poison.  However, weapons of cold iron gain a +2 to hit and a +4 to damage when used against you and always automatically confirm critical hits.


Fierce and Loyal [Regional]
In Kyth have your people finally found peace, acceptance, and brotherhood.  You will allow no outside agency to take that from you.
Prerequisite: Half-Elf (Kyth)
Benefit: When fighting alongside other half-elves, you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage for every half-elf adjacent to you.


Great Song [Regional]
It is taught to every ogre as a child, to protect them from hurts and storms and things that go bump in the night. Most forget more than a verse or two as they grow older, but there are a fair number who can complete the whole song.
Prerequisite: Ogre (Dwallutham), Perform (Any), 1 rank.
Benefit: Once per day, you can grant all allies within 120' a +1 morale bonus to AC. The bonus lasts as long as you continue to perform up to a number of rounds equal to your character level and lasts for 5 rounds afterwards. Allies must be able to hear you to benefit from this ability.


Hand to Mouth [Regional]
Life is hard beneath the Tiger Lords, but what's yours is yours and no one is going to take it from you.
Prerequisite: Native of Skunting
Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to your CMD against Disarm or Sunder attempts and any items in your possession ignore the effects of the broken condition.


Ice in Your Veins [Regional]
The frost giants of Voad need no patron; they have monstrous strength and a connection with the natural world that mere magic cannot rival.  To share their blood is to share their power.
Prerequisite: Half-Giant (Voad) or Hobgoblin (Voad)
Benefit: You gain Cold Resistance 10.


Kin to Stone [Regional]
The dwarves of Zenáthras are a hard, hardy lot.
Prerequisite: Dwarf (Tythald Gate, Zharad Gruene)
Benefit: You gain DR 1/—.  At 6th level this increases to DR 2/— and a 12th level it increases to DR 3/—.


Power in Unity [Regional]
The serpent-men of L'r Tost live in enforced unity, with any hint of dissension punished harshly. It has instilled in them the ability to work with anyone in any conditions.
Prerequisite: Nagaji (L'r Tost)
Benefit: You can always use the Aid Another action to help an ally with a skill check, even if you don't have the requisite 5 ranks (or, indeed, any training for skills that are not 'Trained Only') in the skill.  Furthermore, all your Aid Another actions grant a +4 bonus.
Normal: Aid Another normally grants a +2 bonus to skill checks, attacks, and other actions.


Septic Bite [Regional]
Warriors of Tholaqua will often begin tucking small bits of meat and plant matter between their cheeks and gums at a young age, cultivating a deadly environment inside their mouths over the years. Eventually, as adults, they develop a sickening poison bite.
Prerequisite: Lizardfolk (Tholaqua)
Benefit: On a successful bite attack, the target must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Constitution modifier) or suffer 1d4 points of Constitution damage. An individual target can only be affected by the septic bite once per day and a successful save renders them immune to the effect for the rest of the encounter. Once per hour, as a full-round action, you can smear the deadly spittle on a slashing or piercing weapon, which will poison a target on a successful strike. The saliva remains active for either 1d4 minutes or until you succeed on an attack.


Spirit Undaunted [Regional]
While the slaves of other nations huddle around the feet of their patrons, you have never required more to survive than the strength of your arm and the loyalty of your countrymen.
Prerequisite: Native of Imbara
Benefit: You gain spell resistance equal to your Character Level + your Wisdom modifier.  You cannot lower this SR even if you wish, meaning that even allied spells have a chance of failing when used on you.


Trollblooded [Regional]
In a sick ritual that kills nine out of every ten participants, your mother was forced to drink a boiling broth of troll's blood while pregnant with you.  She survived and you were born with strange powers as a result.
Prerequisite: Hobgoblin (Möth Unvidia) or Orc (Möth Unvidia)
Benefit: You have fast healing 1/hour, meaning that you automatically heal 1 hit point every hour.


Wall of Iron [Regional]
You are trained in rank-and-file combat tactics, depending on those around you just as they depend on you.
Prerequisite: Hobgoblin (Jyvestra) or Human (Jyvestra)
Benefit: Every ally adjacent to your character gains a +1 circumstance bonus to their AC and to Reflex and Will saving throws.


Waterborn [Regional]
Your friends and family are convinced that saltwater runs in your veins, but they are wrong.  You actually share a distant relation to the aquatic merfolk through some dalliance of ancestors past.
Prerequisite: Native of the Tide Princes
Benefit: You have the Amphibious special quality, though you do not automatically gain a swim speed or treat swim as a class skill.