The Birth of Creation

In the beginning, there was law.

There existed the Quintessence and in it, all things were embodied.  By the mere fact of its potential, all of creation could be, and thus did not have to be.  It was a time of perfection as the universe persisted as nothing but an idea, a flawless theory of itself.

In the end, there will be chaos.

It is unknown from whence came the Spark, but by its being, the idyll of reality broke and from the wounds poured forth discord.  From the shattered remains of the Quintessence arose Kaeshem, the hundred-handed God of Order.  From the last flickers of the Spark arose Gwolth, the horned God of Disarray.

In salvation, there can be only balance.

From the mingled numina of Spark and Quintessence there arose the Five Crowns: Seela, the Goddess of Song; Lio, the Goddess of Color; Typhi, the Goddess of Wings; Qumu, the Goddess of Stars; and Zeeye, the Goddess of Motion.  Each embraced both law and chaos, heralds at the same time of Kaeshem and Gwolth.

Creation began to pull apart, drawn to side either with chaos or law, forming great factions.  About Kaeshem was born the Throne of Gears at the heart of the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus and his servants—the immortal Inevitables and the relentless Modron—sought to keep reality neatly ordered.  About Gwolth came to be the Feasting Sea that wanders the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo where Proteans frolic on its shores and breed within its caustic waters.

At the heart of the universe, where the pull of chaos and law reached equilibrium, something strange began to happen.  Light and matter streamed forth unbidden by divine command and there came into being a nexus, a substance known as the Prime Material.  Enraptured by this strange thing, the Five Crowns descended to it and each bestowed upon it a gift.

Seela took the Prime Material in her hands and sang, filling the very stones of creation with variety of form.  Upon it, Lio poured out a great decanter of nectar, which filled the seas with water and covered the land with growing things.  About it, Typhi exhaled a great breath, filling the skies with air.

Qumu lit a golden fire in the sky, placing a great light above the Prime Material.  Seeing that it shone only on half the sphere, she then placed a silver fire opposite it.  Thus were formed the sun, the Eye of Gold, and the moon, the Heart of Silver.

Seeing all the gifts of her sisters lying inert, Zeeye touched the Prime Material and spun it, creating day and night, creating the seasons, creating the tides and the winds, and creating time.

So was born Zenáthras.