Classes and Archetypes


Information about custom classes in Faengleis will be avialable here.

Realmwalker: A being who draws upon the innate, otherworldly power in their ancestry rather than any sort of training or knowledge.



Information about custom archetypes for both standard and custom classes in Faengleis will be available here.


Fencer: A fighter specializing in confounding foes using light, one-handed weapons.

Immortal Soldier: A fighter who just takes punishment and keeps on going.


Elemental Magus: A magus that sacrifices their spell-casting power to channel raw, elemntal power.

Warpstep Magus: A magus that sacrifices some of their combat prowess in return for an absolute mobility about the battlefield.


Apostle: A realmwalker who forgoes their magical nature to infuse themselves with the power of their Apotheosis.

Heritor: A realmwalker that specializes in spell-like abilities at the cost of their ability to join Void and Plenum.


Illusionary Blade: A rogue who uses deft, dangerous bladework to deal with foes.

Lightfoot: A rogue who specializes in stealth.