Capital: Feranacht

Ruler: The Lady of the Hunt

Government: Clan-Based Matriarchy

Primary Race: Wood Elf

Primary Language: Loh’isth (Wood or ‘Low’ Elven)

Regional Bonus: Child of the Leaves - All the world is there for the Wood Elves to wander, giving you a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Climb.

Regional Feat:Ways of Wolf and Doe



From the Forests of the Folded Earth, so deep that civilization has never touched them, come the enigmatic, isolationist wood elves who preside over the reclaimed magic of nature.  Once fouled by the fall of the Druid Kings of the Orodravian, the Wood Elves have spent centuries purifying the druidic tradition until the earth is once-again willing to accept a partnership with the members of the Shining Races.  This does not necessarily mean that the people of the world are as willing to forget the dark fairytales that speak of child-stealing, tree-‘loving’ druids.

Once they were ruled over by the quasi-elemental Lady of the Hunt who held court amongst the glades and ponds of Feranacht at the forest’s heart, but slowly she has ceased to be a thinking being, instead becoming a thing of pure nature, a forest spirit that will act with harsh fury to anything that threatens her lands or her chosen people, but is otherwise aloof of day-to-day matters.  The clans have been left to their own devices, but they are a hard people adapted to a hard land and thrive despite the loss of a unifying vision for their destiny.


The wood elves were bred from grey elf stock by the Orodravian emperors, honed from birth to be peerless soldiers known as the Leaf Knights.  When the Emperor Penultimate was slain and his powers broken, many thousands of his 'war elves' were left alive, distrusted by the victors who now owned the world.  Their lot in life seemed hopeless until Giancar Greenhand, one of the three surviving Ardrua, gathered them up and took them with her to the untamed wilderness nestled in the Forests of Folded Earth.

In the heart of the forests, Giancar began teaching the elves something other than war: the magic of nature.  With time, she calmed their spirit and brought them into harmony with the world, separating them into clans and tasking them with stewarding the healing of the world.  From the vast natural wellsprings of power that reside in the Folded Earth, she had them form intricate nets of living magic that at first bolstered and finally revived the earth that had been tortured by two thousand years of Orodravian rule and the terrible final battle that had freed it.

When Giancar's body at last failed her, she was interred in the sacred grove of Feranacht, prayed over by hundreds of the most powerful druids in Faengleis.  A month after he burial, beneath the new moon, Giancar arose imbued with the energy of nature, ruling over the wild elves as the Lady of the Hunt.  Under her guidance, the borders of Fyrall were secure, as was the legacy of the druids, who can once again speak with a world that does not resent them for the sins of the Orodravian.  But her rebirth was not without cost, for she has slowly lost the memories and knowledge of the Ardrua she was, until finally she became a thing of nature, with the mind of a wolf with every Fyrallish as one of her pups to be defended from outsiders.

Foreign Relations


As a people, the Fyrall have no diplomatic, economic, or military relationships with the wider world, content to ignore and be ignored by the other Crowned Powers.  Their isolationism has only increased since the Sunset War, the vanishing intellect of the Lady of the Hunt leaving clan leaders unwilling to risk their people without a ruler to consult with or rely upon if plans soured.