The Republic of Sylat

Capital: Sylicar

Ruler: Penthist Feldimar, Patrician

Government: Martial Law

Primary Races: High Elf, Human, Halfling

Primary Language: Esish (High Elven)

Regional Bonus: Illusions of Grandeur - The only thing more important than seeking out threats to the Republic is appearing to outsiders like there are never threats to the Republic, granting you a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Search.

Regional Feat:Power in Unity


Unity is the watchword in the Republic of Sylat, with every aspect of life rigidly controlled and racial integration mandated as a reactionary response to the internecine strife that pulled the original Republic apart.  Despite this focus on brotherhood, the country's ruling cabal are made up entirely of elves who were in power during the first days of the Republic almost a century before.  Many see their ideas as stagnant and colored by the dreams broken in the Blight Harvest and the pain of the years following it, but their hold on power seems incontestable and Patrician Feldimar's genius at organizing and operating his internal security council keeps any attempts at dissent from accomplishing anything worth mentioning.


Sylat was a dream.  In Tower Age 1186, colonists from theEmpire of the Sun, theElven Ascendancy, and theMalakute Confederacy came together to create a new nation in the hopes of re-energizing the people of the world and push back the shrinking borders of civilization.  For the first decade or so, everything seemed to be going well, with everyone working together to raise a nation out of the wilderness.  Everything changed during the Blight Harvest of AG 1199, when disease swept through the crops across much of the land.  The Republic began to split along ideological and racial lines, until it devolved into five warring camps.  In the three generations since, the elves of Sylat have managed to overwhelm three of their four competitors, forcing them back into the Republic "for their own good."  Now, all of the Republic’s energies are bent towards appearing stable to outsiders and reconquering the final "rogue province":Darminia.

Foreign Relations

Since the Blight Harvest, Sylat's relations with its mother countries has soured, with many believing the troubles would not have been as severe if they had received proper aid from the larger, older nations.  Because of that--and because of opinions in the Empire and Ascendancy condemning the on-going war with Darminia--they are actually becoming tied economically with the other major isolated nation in Faengleis:Xain.  Though that country's culture of insularity is making the initial inroads difficult, there are signs that before long, the two states may find themselves allies against an unsympathetic world.