Möth Unvidia

Patron: Big King Garn Tagarn (Paragon Frost Troll)
Capital: Slurst
Primary Race: Frost Troll, Hobgoblin, Orc
Primary Language: Trud
Suggested Traits: Bully, Child of the North, Experienced, Hardy, Ignorance is Bliss, Militia, Poor Hygiene, Strong Soul, Survivor, Where it Hurts
Regional Feat: Trollblooded



This glacier kingdom is a land of constant war where the mad troll Tagarn is obsessed with breeding perfect warriors.  Children are raised in communal holds where they are responsible for fishing and hunting or raising the dense lichen mats to provide food.  When they come of age, the able-bodied are sent out, men to join the armies of various troll Small Kings and women to the fighting pits.  Those deemed unfit to fight...well, the fertilizer for the lichen has to come from something.

It is in this brief adulthood, through constant battles, that the subjects are tested and all but the strongest or luckiest are weeded out.  From this bolstered stock, Tagarn breeds the next generation of warriors and prepares to do it all over again.  No one is sure what the Big King's ultimate goal is, but it is not hard to guess that you do not raise an army unless you mean to make war.



Some say that Tagarn is a hero, in the loosest definition of the term: a child of one of the Walking Gods of ages past.  While his peers died in one of the great wars or at the hands of some terrific monster or even just from the cold jaws of time, Garn Tagarn endured through the ages, sleeping at temperatures so low that his body would not age, kept healthy and vital by his trollish blood.

Whether or not that is true, it is true that Tagarn has powers like those of a Great Beast, even though his peers are without numina.  Using that power, Tagarn elevated the frost trolls following the disaster at the Field of Broken Crowns.  With their powers intact, the High King of Möth Unvidia lead hundreds of raids in the centuries following the War of the Traitor-Heroes, capturing refugees or raiding defenseless cities.  All of these spoils were brought back north, to the great glacier where the frost trolls made their petty kingdom.

Though the elves, halflings, and humans that they captured proved unsuited to the harsh climate and harsher treatment, small numbers of the orcs and hobgoblins taken proved resilient enough and so Tagarn began dividing the slaves up between his vassal trolls.  They were tasked with increasing the populations, until there was a small but stable slave pool from which Tagarn could draw.  The male slaves were given to other trolls, who would use them to play war against one another, while the females were hoarded within prison-complexes at Slurst.

Females would do battle for Tagarn's amusement, bloody struggles to the death, with the winners cared for like prized pets.  From the troll leaders, the Small Kings, Tagarn would demand a tithe of their finest warriors, who would be bred with the most capable female fighters to produce litters of theoretically-superior offspring, which would be returned to the cycle of war, breeding, and death.


Foreign Relations

No nation is so closed to outsiders as Möth Unvidia.  Even the Tyrancy and Tholaqua will merely attack rebuff attempts at contact, driving the interlopers off.  But if a ship or caravan is spotted by the trolls, they will pursue it tirelessly until it is capture and its members either in chains or in the stewpot.