The Tide Princes

Patron: Nereiphim the Waking Storm (Great Wyrm Brine Dragon)
Capital: Liracrast
Primary Race: Elf, Half-Elf, Human
Primary Language: High Draconic
Suggested Traits: Child of the South, Competitive, Duelist, Gambler, Mercantile Background, Relaxing Patois, Sea Legs, Silver Palm, Wealthy
Regional Feat: Waterborn



Be they fishermen or merchants, the seas belong to the Tide Princes and the sailors who call her docks home.  From here come the great ships that circumnavigate the globe on year-long trade runs that visit every coastal city that will have them.



Nereiphim was one of the dragons approached by Duchak the Elder to join the Council of Wyrms, but the brine dragon proved to be as fiercely independent as the seas themselves and refused to join.  She would take his the gold's advice about serving as a patron to the people who clung to settlements along the fjord-ridden coast known as the Titan's Bight.  Nereiphim commanded the sea serpents that served her to protect the ships and harbors of these cities, having them serve much the same role as Duchak's Knights Draconis.

Within a few generations, all the surviving villages along the coast were worshipping Nereiphim and her serpents (despite her disastrous attempt to have humanoids ride them and fight from serpent-back).  But they never declared her their queen, as the people of the Council had done with Duchak and his fellow Councilors.  Finally, impatient, she declared herself their ruler and the previous Lords Mayor were declared her direct vassals, the Tide Princes.  It was a bit of a shock to the various mayors, as they served in elected positions but had suddenly become hereditary royalty because it was easier for Nereiphim to keep track of.


Foreign Relations

The Princes are well-received throughout the world, though everyone assumes they are getting the worst of any deal they make with their merchants.  Their ships run through the ports of Dwallutham, Estruaza, Skunting, Tholaqua, L'r Tost, Marukeem (with whom they have a theoretically-friendly rivalry), Jyvestra, Kyth, the Council of Wyrms, and even, for the bravest captains, to Barren Haven and Möth Unvidia.