Patron: Chakzinatl, the Father of All Linnorms (Unique Linnorm)
Capital: Beziret
Primary Race: Lizardfolk
Primary Language: High Draconic
Suggested Traits: Cooperative, Experienced, Hardy, Ignorance is Bliss, Islander, Militia, Ruin Explorer, Sea Legs, Sneaky, Survivor
Regional Feat: Septic Bite



Once considered a jewel of art and learning, the jungles of the Isle of Fire have reclaimed much and the descendants of scholars crawl through the fetid swamps in service to a monster whose hunger is exceeded only by his hatred of beauty.  The Lizardfolk of Tholaqua are kept in a state of savagery and isolation, forbidden by their 'god' from using metal or magic except for the pittance that Fafnheir doles out to their most zealous priest-kings.



An island of libraries and museums, kept secure by an intricate web of magic that covered the entire massive Isle of Stone, it was doomed to fare poorly when magic failed.  Though individual magic items remained potent, the great shield died when deprived of a source of energy.  Terrible storms were now free to surge north from the Galecage and rip away at the island while the jungle began to grow with an unstoppable vengeance.

Bookish and timid, the lizardfolk of the Isle might have been able to survive even all of that, but then came the Father of All Linnorms, imprisoned beneath the earth by the hand of the Immaculata in the Age of the Walking Gods.  He returned in fury and fire, not content simply to be released but demanding the face of the world bear the scars of his rage.  A quarter of the Isle of Stone bulged skyward and a tremendous volcano grew and erupted in the space of a few weeks, earning the island its new name: the Isle of Fire.

As ash rained down on the terrified lizardfolk, their lives entered an even grimmer chapter for Chakzinatl released his children to rampage through the world, beginning with the isle itself.  For years, the lizardfolk tried to fight back but proved ill-suited.  It was only out of desperation that they made the offering of blood to Chakzinatl, who, for the first time, grew intrigued.  Thinking only to play with these disheveled, robe-clad lizards, he began to make increasingly outrageous demands for sacrifices and for the lizards—who still clung to their history as scholars and creatures peace—to become more ignorant and war-like.  The history of Tholaqua is nothing but the history of Chakzinatl's amusement debasing his worshippers, and have pity on Zenáthras when he finally grows bored.


Foreign Relations

With only canoes to travel and no neighbors on land, the Tholaquae have little cause to deal with other countries.  Their only concerns are raiders from Imbara and occasional classes with the nagaji of L'r Tost.  Both are looked forward to with relish by the lizardfolk warriors, because it is an excuse to find sacrifices for Chakzinatl that do not come from their own ranks.