The Aspects

Other powers besides the Four Glories and the Eight Desires.  Most notable are the Seasons, Great Azuri's four daughters.  Also included in this category are the demigods, beings that have gained or been granted god-like powers.

[Domain Notes: Domains in (parentheses) are subdomains of the domain preceding them.  Domains in italics are third-party domains.  All listed domains can be found at on the Pathfinder SRD.]

Ieloa, the Summer Princess

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Glaive
Symbol: A yellow leaf
Portfolio: Summer, warmth, camaraderie
Domains: Fire, Law, Sun (Day, Light), Weather (Seasons)
Description: One of Azuri’s four daughters, her father was the War God Karavok.  Ieloa is the oldest and wisest of the Four Princesses, often taking the role of leader amongst her siblings.  She learned long ago that all things must be in balance, without regard for the vagaries of the moment.  She disdains churches and places of gathering, preferring her followers spend their time amongst people and the warm places of the world.  It is said she loves the Cardinal Thahtma, so seeks to keep her present as long as possible when it is her quarter of the year to rule.
Divine Power: Standing in Thahtma’s sight will draw Ieloa’s attention more fully.  Once per day, you can regain the use of one Domain spell if you spend a full round concentrating while exposed to direct sunlight.

Pana, the Spring Princess

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Staff
Symbol: A green leaf
Portfolio: Spring, rebirth, renewal, planting
Domains: Air, Plant (Growth), Renewal, Weather (Seasons)
Description: One of Azuri’s four daughters, her father was Skarnat, the Green King.  Pana is the youngest and most impulsive of the Four Princesses, rarely thinking plans all the way through before beginning them.  There is nothing she likes more than to see things flourishing and alive, even if it is only in the short term, and a life lived beautifully and fully is the greatest thing to her.  The very idea of church is silly to Pana, as are rules and restrictions.  She is most often in conflict with her eldest sister Ieloa whom she loves dearly but resents for her strict and overbearing nature.
Divine Power: While travelling or helping those around them, followers of Pana do not need to pray for their spells.  Instead they come to them after a full rest, for the Spring Princess would rather her devoted spend their time living instead of communing.

Suo, the Autumnal Princess

Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Sickle
Symbol: A red leaf
Portfolio: Autumn, harvest, celebration
Domains: Community (Family), Earth, Song, Weather (Seasons)
Description: One of Azuri’s four daughters, her father was Ikraul, the Mountain God.  Suo is the second oldest and most extroverted of the Four Princesses, the one most likely to take an avatar and visit the mortal world.  Nothing pleases Suo more than to walk amongst fields ripe for the harvest, to feel tilled soil beneath her feet, and to watch gold and carmine leaves dropping from the branches of sleeping trees.  She would rather her followers be leading sing-a-longs around a campfire than hymns in a chapel and delights in collecting the small thatch dolls children make for her on harvest festivals.
Divine Power: Sustained by her power, the followers of Suo can forgo the need to eat or drink for a week.  Doing so, however, means they lose one of their lowest-level spell slots until they eat again.  They can continue fasting, but every additional day they lose their next lowest-level spell slot until they run out of spells completely.  At this point, they begin to starve and/or dehydrate as normal.

Aiamei, the Winter Princess

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Shuriken
Symbol: A white leaf
Portfolio: Winter, rest, solitude
Domains: Darkness (Loss), Plant (Decay), Water (Ice), Weather (Seasons)
Description: One of Azuri’s four daughters, her father was Zeluk Stormlord.  Aiamei is the second youngest and most introspective of the Four Princesses, often acting irrationally or crosswise to her own goals.  Suffering from a similar irrational mindset to her father, Aiamei is brilliant but distracted, often unable to remember her own thoughts from one moment to the next.  The sun frightens her, so she spends as much of her quarter of the year hiding from it as she can, though the moon scares her as well, so the skies are often darkened by storms.  Though she is Azuri’s least-favorite daughter, she is doted on by her father who brings great power to bear at her slightest whim.  This closeness with Zeluk keeps her distant from her other sisters, however, though Ieloa does what she can to calm her.
Divine Power: Because of Aiamei’s closeness with her father, her followers can spontaneously substitute their domain spells with spells from the Storm domain.  This works exactly like substituting Cure spells, except that it applies only to domain spells.

Wekrot the Hunter

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Bite
Symbol: A black wolf's head in profile
: Hunting, animals, lycanthropy
Domains: Animal (Fur), Destruction (Rage), Strength (Ferocity)
Description: Once the finest hunter in Godsfall, the man who would become Wekrot fell afoul of Feyoon by hunting and slaying one of her wolves.  In return, she unleashed the Fangs of Feyoon: an elite cadre of lycanthropes that hunted Wekrot across the face of the world.  One by one, he slew the beasts in their pursuit, though many innocents died in the process.  Finally, as he faced down the last and greatest of them, Feyoon herself intervened.  With her help, Wekrot was slain, but when the Coffin Man came to carry his soul to the afterlife, he was instead taken by Feyoon and reborn as Wekrot the Hunter, the demi-god of lycanthropes.  Able to change into any animal or into their associated hybrid form, he spends his time in joyous hunting with the rechristened Fangs of Wekrot, though when bidden by Feyoon, he will lead great hunts against worthy prey.
Divine Power:Any follower of Wekrot inflicted with the Curse of Lycanthropy can spend a full 30-day lunar cycle in isolated prayer and communion with nature.  Upon doing so, when they are next bathed in the light of the full moon, they become a true lycanthrope, gaining complete control over the beast within.

Salk Dak’akat, the Coffin Man

Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
Symbol: An open coffin
: Death, decomposition
Domains: Darkness (Loss), Death, Repose (Ancestors)
Description: A mythical figure, Dak'akat pledged himself to Vakad, to serve as a guide for the dead to the afterlife.  He fell in love with Aiamei, however, and was slain by Zeluk for his temerity.  Instead of dying, the Four Cardinals raised Salk and cursed him to walk Godsfall until the last living thing had died.  Only then can he travel to the afterlife and his final reward.  His followers are tireless hunters of the undead, often serving with followers of Thahtma, as well as those who try to cheat death by other means.  Salk himself is said to travel with a small band of Vakad's most powerful Inevitables.
Divine Power: A follower of the Coffin Man can perform a Soul Bind.  When they slay a target, they have the option of immediately expelling their own soul, dying with them.  In return for this sacrifice, anyone attempting to raise the target must first raise the slain follower (an almost impossible task, as they will never willingly return from death).