The Eight Desires

Beneath the Four Glories come the Eight Desires that embody the eight alignments save for true neutrality, which is reserved in the pantheon for Great Azuri herself.  Each represents one of the desires that, together, form the balance of morality.

[Domain Notes: Domains in (parentheses) are subdomains of the domain preceding them.  Domains in italics are third-party domains.  All listed domains can be found at on the Pathfinder SRD.]

Queltne, the Guardian of Tomes

Desire: Peace
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Flail
Symbol: A tome displaying a silver sunburst surrounded by a ring of seven golden stars
Portfolio: Books, knowledge, protection
Domains: Knowledge (Memory), Magic (Arcane), Rune (Language)
Description: Wisest of the eight desires, she rules the Holy Anthenaeum, the library of Celestia, where she seeks to chronicle all that was, is, and ever shall be.  Answering to both Vakad and Thahtma, she is strongly opposed to conflict in all its forms, though less for moral reasons than because war is disruptive, destructive, and notoriously difficult to catalog accurately.  Everywhere that study is undertaken, Queltne's name is invoked: most prominently in the Ascendancy's rebuilt Temple of Azuri and the Circle State of Lighthouse Rock.  She is often portrayed as a robed woman of indeterminate years with fine silver hair done up in a bun and a stack of books in her hands.
Divine Power: Once per day, a follower of Queltne can add their class level to any one knowledge check of their choice as divine inspiration strikes them.  When using this ability, they can make the knowledge check untrained.

Yetra, the Mother of Nations

Desire: Kindness
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Symbol: A ring holding an inverted teardrop
Portfolio: Childbirth, healing, compassion
Domains: Charm (Love), Community (Family), Healing (Restoration), Renewal
Description: The most universally-worshiped of all the Desires--indeed, of all the Gods of Faengleis--Yetra is the font of divine healing and the most compassionate of all the Gods.  Such is her storied benevolence that her guardians are the Thirteen Risen: thirteen of the Abyss's most powerful balor who once lead a war against Celestia, only to meet Yetra upon the field of battle.  Bathed in the light of her grace, all thirteen fell to their knees weeping impossible tears and begged her forgiveness.  She granted it and they now work tirelessly to protect their lady and to spread her word of compassion throughout the planes.  On Faengleis, even the smallest communities will have at least a small shrine to her; it is common for even isolated homesteads in the wilderness to have a small holy symbol tacked up somewhere to invoke her blessing.  Mortal artisans depict Yetra as a woman on the cusp of adulthood, usually dressed in local garb and noticeable by her bare feet and golden hair that spills down around her long enough to pool on the floor.  Her symbol
Divine Power: Whenever a worshiper of Yetra casts a healing spell, they heal an additional number of hit points equal to the spell's level.

Skarnat, the Green King

Desire: Freedom
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Symbol: A green crown atop brown antlers
Portfolio: Forests, plants, growth
Domains: Animal (Fur), Liberation (Freedom), Plant (Growth), Travel (Exploration)
Description: Few can approach life with the sheer, vibrant joy Skarnat manages, with every day a new adventure and nothing so thrilling as a sunrise he has never seen before.  Whether wandering the celestial forests of the Beastlands or journeying to the Prime Material--usually to Fyrall's Forests of the Folded Earth--he brings the fullness of his energy and concentration to the moment and those who follow him often do likewise.  He cannot abide slavery or subjugation, to the point that he often visits mischief on those who keep domesticated animals, the presence of his faithful spooking cattle and causing dogs to disobey their owners.  On the hunt, he is usually depicted as a lean, elf-featured man with skin dark as oak bark dressed in a wild panoply of furs, with a ram's horns curling about his head (with some artists favoring a stag-antlered helm, instead).
Divine Power: For a number of rounds per day equal to their character level, a follower of Skarnat can increase their speed multiplier by +1 when running.  These rounds do not count against the number of rounds they can run before needing to take a rest.

Ikraul, the Mountain God

Desire: Justice
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick
Symbol: An orange triangle
Portfolio: Mountains, meditation, beards
Domains: Earth (Caves, Metal), Strength (Resolve)
Description: Obdurate, unyielding, and reliable, Ikraul is often called the Rock of Heaven.  Never swift to make a decision, all the gods and their followers know that when Ikraul supports you, you are in the right and his allegiance will last until the stars burn out and the earth has faded to dust.  He is often seen as passionless because of the careful deliberation that precedes every decision he makes, but he is simply a being of such depths that only his fellow gods have the perspective necessary to appreciate them.  He is often portrayed as a man of dwarfish cast and formidable build, with a bald pate but a beard and moustache of a size and grandeur no mortal could hope to match.
Divine Power: Once per day, a follower of Ikraul can add their character level to the CMD for a number of rounds equal to their Wisdom modifier.

Joo’a, the Great Serpent of the Sea

Desire: Passion
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Spear
Symbol: A blue spiral that grows darker closer to the center
Portfolio: Ocean, fish, luck
Domains: Animal [Aquatic only], Luck (Curse), Water (Ice, Oceans)
Description: A tempestuous as the oceans she embodies, Joo'a is a goddess that is less worshiped and more inovked at moments of need--usually by desperate sailors who know better than to attract her attentions during good times.  Only her followers are safe from her attentions, often experiencing unusually uneventful voyages at sea, though their times spent ashore can be disproportionately hazardous.  She is also the most withdrawn of the gods, consorting little with her fellows.  Years or decades can go by without sight of her moving through the planar waters of Hades or the Beastlands.  She is most often depicted as a painfully thin woman of unusual height, dressed in ragged clothing cinched at the waist with a live serpent, her hair a wild tangle as blue as glacier ice.
Divine Power: A follower of Joo'a can hold their breath for a number of minutes equal to their Constitution score (rather than a number of rounds equal to their Constitution score x2).  Afterwords, they make their drowning check as usual (save per round).

War God Karavok

Desire: Cunning
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Symbol: A black sword over a white shield
Portfolio: War, tactics, valor
Domains: Glory (Heroism), Protection (Defense), Strength (Ferocity), War (Tactics)
Description: The Warden of Hell, he orchestrates the Blood War to keep the demons and devils both in top fighting form, though it costs tens of millions of them their lives every century.  Why he feels it necessary, he will never say, but some whisper that a prophecy was delivered to him by Vakad of a great war to take place at the End of All, when the Heavens and the Hells would have to unit to force back some threat from the Far Realm.  What is known is that beneath Karavok's merciless gaze, the greatest military force in creation has been growing millennium after millennium and his mortal followers who prove themselves have positions of power awaiting them there upon death.  Those artists who have dared to depict him show the War God as a truly towering figure in fantastically intricate armor festooned with spikes, wrapped in heavy chains, and topped with a bull-horned helm.
Divine Power: Once per day, a follower of Karavok can grant himself and all allies within 30' a +1 insight bonus to AC for a number of rounds equal to their Wisdom modifier.  This bonuses increases by +1 at 5th level and every five levels there-after (+2 at 5th, +3 at 10th, etc.).

Diriim, the Steady-Handed

Desire: Wealth
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Symbol: Three coins--one copper, one silver, one gold--tumbling through the air
Portfolio: Creation, skill, artistry
Domains: Artifice (Toil), Travel (Trade), Trickery (Thievery)
Description: No one could be foolish enough to call her the Goddess of Greed to her face, but few can doubt that Diriim is willing to make sacrifices others would blanch at in pursuit of her goals.  And her 'goals' usually boil down to 'be richer at the end than I was before.'  Yet too numerous and beneficial are her blessings for most to turn completely from her.  Dirrim's most turbulent relationship is with the dwarves of Faengleis, for she is one of their patron gods along with Ikraul, the Desire with whom she has the most antagonistic relationship.  Recent events have ameliorated this somewhat, with her favoring in Urkan Sefrogost mirroring the preference for Ikraul growing in the Dwarven Remnant.  Dirrim is often depicted as a squat, bulky woman in workaday clothing and thick, close-cropped hair as red as molten bronze.
Divine Power: Followers of Dirrim can choose a number of craft skills equal to their Wisdom modifier.  Once per month, if they succeed on their Craft check using one of these, they may add their class level to the check when determining how much progress they made.

Zeluk Stormlord

Desire: Power
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Javelin
Symbol: An X made of a crossed javelin and lightning bolt
Portfolio: Storms, weather, promiscuity
Domains: Air (Cloud, Wind), Animal (Feather), Charm (Lust), Weather (Storms)
Description: Though some see Zeluk as mad as Nurket himself, they are different in important ways: the Screaming God is a prisoner of incomprehensible needs and visions, but the Stormlord is simply ruled by passions that he does not wish to ignore.  Like a child granted ultimate strength, Zeluk swings wildly from one want to another, throwing a sky-rattling tantrum at even a hint of having his desires thwarted.  But, for all that childish pique, he is not a fool and is still capable of crafting and enacting intricate plots.  You simply need to bear in mind that if his plot is halted, then the lightning bolts will begin to fly.
Divine Power: Once per day, followers of the Stormlord can shrug off damage from an attack up to their class level.  They still suffer any damage the attack inflicts beyond that.  If they suffer less damage than their class level, they cannot 'save' the rest to use against another attack.  If the attack has an additional effect (such as requiring a saving throw to avoid being stunned or poisoned), they still suffer that effect unless they negate the full damage of the attack.