The Vanished Gods

Many in Faengleis deny even the possibility of the Vanished Gods, attempts to discuss them in public likely to incite fist-fights in most areas outside the Empyrean Alliance.  In the Alliance, meanwhile, it is taken as fact that the legends of the Vanished Gods are real, though their is no realistic way to test them.  This is the story of the world's history as the Empyreans tell it:

In the days before time, there were six True Gods: Sarazad, Incara, Azuri, Aktetik, Urog, and Skathika.

Sarazad the Seer, who ruled over Dreams.

Incara the Eternal, who ruled over Souls.

Azuri the Wise, who ruled over Magic.

Aktetik the Patient, who ruled over Time.

Urog the Bloody, who ruled over Flesh.

Skathika the Just, who ruled over Balance.

In this time, all creation whirled about to the great rhythm of destiny, a perfect and beautiful dance the culmination of which would give meaning to everything that had ever existed or would ever come to be.  By the power of the Six would every life from the mightiest king to the meanest serf have a glorious, absolute purpose.

But Azuri was discontent, for though the Six wove destiny, they were forever apart from it, alone in possessing free will.  She sought to share this burden with the instruments of fate, cutting them away from the meaning of their lives.  When she spoke of this, the other Gods quailed in horror, for it seemed to them a base and horrible thing to do: to create a living myriad in destiny's image and then to deny them that self-same purpose.

War came then to heaven and Azuri proved most adept for she laid low the Gods.  No details of that war ever reached the mortal plane; all that is known is that when Azuri stood to become Great Azuri, Urog and Aktetik, Sarazad and Incara all were sealed beyond the knowledge of those who might serve them.

Only Skathika endured, though he fled to the world that was ravaged by the collapse of the intricate machinery of fate.  There he learned the arts of battle with which he might oppose Azuri and to aid him formed the Empyrean Academy.  To them was given the knowledge lost to Azuri's fury, in hopes that they might carry on his work should his own gambit fail.

Legend entered history when Skathika rose to claim the throne of the Orodravian Empire, dubbing himself Klad Skathika, the Emperor Penultimate, for he was not to be the final ruler of the world, but merely an intermediary until the Six could be restored and the gift of destiny returned to the people.

Azuri knew that bringing battle to him on the Prime Material would shatter all of Faengleis, for reality was not made as a place for Gods to wage their wars and the world was like a glass sword: shattering easily when put to violent use.  So she sent the Namitha Ardrua--each a vessel of her power--and their skill at the arts of treachery and murder overmatched Skathika, though they had not the power to slay him.  His essence was bound into the very stones of Kloh'thoon, sealed by the magic of their Goddess.

So there sleeps the last of the Vanished Gods, waiting in silent patience for his Academy to return and free him, that he might bring the return of his brothers and sisters from whatever distant unknown they were exiled too, and even return Azuri, for her power is as necessary for the skein of fate as any other's.