Capital: None

Ruler: Mother Kuulb

Government: Matriarchy

Primary Race: Goblin

Primary Language: Chugguth (Goblinoid)

Regional Bonus:

Regional Feat:


The spider-riders of the Wild Isles were a constant danger to the Halflings of the Malakute Confederacy until they were gifted magic after the fall of the Orodravian.  With the tide turned, they were able to drive the goblins from much of the land they would claim, until remnants of the scattered tribes were finally corralled in the Webwood, on Pankraw Island.  There, under the influence of the monstrous Mother Kuulb--a giant spider rumored to possess the blood of demons--they were able to make a stand and finally keep themselves from being totally wiped out.  In the intervening centuries, their land of Chood’húwa (‘Last Den’ in chugguth) has grown enough in power to threaten the Malakute once more, as well as the nearby Empire of the Sun.