The Tribelaw

Capital: None

Ruler: Tuska Hreel, War-Crown

Government: Militocracy

Primary Race: Hobgoblin

Primary Language: Chugguth (Goblinoid)

Regional Bonus:

Regional Feat:


The Hundred Tribes of the Hobgoblins were lead by Utata Eboniron into the mountains of the Shield of the World following the defeat of Klad Skathika.  It was long unknown what her plan for the close-knit groups of skilled warriors was, but recently it has come to light that she had been grooming them to be the perfect army.  Born to fight, raised on order, and hardened by a land seemingly made to test men, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Every hobgoblin in the Tribelaw is a skilled warrior, but it is when they fight in concert with one another that their true skill shines through.  A hobgoblin may be worth two or three men, but put a hundred of them in a unit and they can level ten times their number with ease.


And the mountains swarm with a hundred thousand battle-ready warriors.



Foreign Relations

The Tribelaw has had a strict isolationist policy since its inception, but there are many hobgoblins who--for reasons of physical inability or mental incompatability--cannot make it in normal hobgoblin culture.  These are invariably turned out to make their own way in the world.  While it existed, the majority of these outcasts found their way to Survivor's Refuge, where they could at least be amongst their fellows.  With that city's destruction, the few remaining outcasts wander the world without guidance or any real hope of a future.