Capital: None

Ruler: None

Government: Clan-Based Meritocracy

Primary Race: Grey-Eyed Orc

Primary Language: Hadg (Orcish)

Regional Bonus: Born in the Saddle--Horses are ubiquitous amongst the orcs of Yrdgould, giving you a +2 racial bonus to Handle Animal and Ride.

Regional Feat:


On the wide plains of the Farwold, a strange sect of nomadic orc tribes has abandoned the wanton destruction of their mountain brethren, instead choosing to raise the finest horses in the world.  They spend many years mastering horseback archery, leaving their control of the plains uncontested.  Great wealth flows into their country from trade in horseflesh, with the paladins of the Empire of the Sun especially prizing the intelligent, loyal mounts.  Orcs, in turn, prize dwarven steel for armor and blades and the renown of their craft is such that dwarves are often welcomed as princes amongst the horse tribes.  There is a place--the Mooting Tree--where the orcs hold their Great Games every two years, when the clans come together for contests of strength, skill, and horsemanship and the various chieftains and chieftainesses meet around the tree to resolve disputes, arrange the migrations for the next two years, and plan marriages between tribes.

Special Note: The 'Grey-Eyed' orcs do not suffer from light sensitivity, but have low-light vision instead of darkvision.  They are not selectable as a PC race, however; the regional information is given for half-orcs from Yrdgould.