The Free Peoples

Capital: None

Ruler: None

Government: None

Primary Race: Any

Primary Language: Any (though Imperial Common is the most frequent)

Regional Bonus: All Walks of Life - Unattached to anything or anyone outside themselves and their immediate group, they can pursue any life they wish, giving you either a +2 racial bonus to any one skill of your choice or an additional language you can speak and write.

Regional Feat: None


Not actually a nation of any sort, this is the most common descriptor for those who live outside the bounds of the major world governments.  They might be a single elf living in the wilderness, content to let the world pass them by, a small conclave of dwarves and humans eking out a living on the far side of one of the great wildernesses, or perhaps a small Halfling trimaran that owes its allegiance to nothing but the wind, stopping in port only when it must.  Alternately, they also include individuals living in one of the Crowned Powers that does not ascribe to the social norms of their society: the wood elf that loves books, the Imperial Citizen that lives out on the edge of town and cares little for the trappings of theocracy, or the insular Eldestan are as much Free Peoples as any who have never been inside the borders of a great nation.  The Free Peoples are united only in their lack of unity and in their devotion of difference.