The Namitha Ardrua

(OA 2130 - 2167)

Rebellion had always been a constant reality in the Empire; you simply could not have a nation as large as the Orodravian were and not have groups believing things would be better if they were in charge or simply wanting to break free.  Through precise application of force, Skathika always insured that these uprisings endured long enough to gather dangerous elements together before they were crushed completely by his brutal Leaf Knights.

What he had not planned on were figures who could rival his skill at war as well as his personal strength.  They came, however, from atop an isolated plateau known as the Grim Defile, appearing as stars kissing the face of the world.  They were the Namitha Ardrua, beings of power sent by the will of Great Azuri to free the world from the eternal embrace of Klad Skathika.

Numbering twelve, they were...
...Zakka Highqueen, a peerless swordswoman and leader of the Ardrua.
...Fysa Copperblood, a guardian of the people and most valorous of the Ardrua.
...Tolgi Whiteknife, fearsome and the physically strongest of the Ardrua.
...Tuska Ninestar, a scion of the arcane and most gifted of the Ardrua.
...Ouko Bluevine, a skilled healer and most compassionate of the Ardrua.
...Chahar Redfoot, a huntswoman and fleetest of the Ardrua.
...Syatela Goldenhair, a passionate orator and most insightful of the Ardrua.
...Hathad Daggermist, a well-placed knife from the shadows and craftiest of the Ardrua.
...Giancar Greenhands, gifted with the world's growing things and most philosophical of the Ardrua.
...Utata Eboniron, a valient warrior and the greatest commander of the Ardrua.
...Velkin Silverglass, the singer of songs and teller of tales and most beautiful of the Ardrua.
...Xaina Brightarrow, a brilliant scholar and most learned of the Ardrua.

All who glimpsed the twelve women were enamored of them instantly.  Scattered groups of rebels joined to serve beneath them while forces only ambivalent about the cause were whipped to feverish zealotry by their mere presence.  Soon, mighty armies came together and all parts of the Orodravian were upset by emergent rebel factions.

Through it all, the Namitha Ardrua made towards the Orodravian Heartlands, towards the Tower of Kloh'Thoon.  With them traveled an ever-swelling army beneath the dwarven general Garand Forgemaster.  Eventually, Garand's army would find itself in pitched battle against Skathika's personal legions under the command of the great black dragon Xas'targalfein known also as the Black Death.  Garand slew Xas'targalfein within the great desert at the heart of what would come to be called the Killing Lands, but the fall of Skathika's armies was a mere sidenote.

The true story of the end of the Orodravian Empire might never be known.  What is known is that in OA 2167, Skathika ordered all his soldiers to the battle against Garand's forces and waited alone in the Tower of Kloh'Thoon.  The twelve Namthia Ardrua entered and terrible battle was done, cracking the earth and upsetting the seas in their banks.  As silence fell after three full days and nights of rumbling, Kloh'Thoon was remade into the Tower of Godsfall and only three Ardrua emerged: Goldenhair, Greenhands, and Eboniron.

Before entering the tower, each of the Ardura had planted a staff 5,000 miles from Kloh'Thoon, creating a great ring centered around it.  At the moment they emerged from the newly-erected Godsfall, those staves burst into furious life, growing and stretching until they joined together in a great wall higher than the clouds, deeper than the oceans, and over 30,000 miles in circumference.