The Years of Rust and Famine

(AG 1 - 93)

Relatively little is known of this period in Faengleis history...

Garand Forgemaster was leading the survivng dwarves beneath the earth to a cavern revealed to him by surviving Ardrua Syatela Goldenhair to found what would later become the city of Garand's Forge.

For her part, Goldenhair was gathering the suriving elves together to keep watch over the Tower of Godsfall.  Eventually, they would become the high elves of the Elven Ascendancy, ruled by the Ardrua's daughter and her descendants.

Giancar Greenhands took pity on the remaining forces of Skathika's Leaf Knights, taking them with her into the primeval Forests of the Folded Earth.  With the help of those who would one day become the wild elves, she began the long, slow process of rehabilitating the earth until it would again accept druids as its stewards.

Utata Eboniron--third and final of the surviving Namitha Ardrua--gathered the hobgoblins to her banner and retreated into the Mountains of the Shield of the World, where they cut all ties with the other races.

With the rest of the world lain out before them, the humans and halflings broke into numerous smaller factions and began settling the depopulated lands and abandoned battlefields.  Many of these fledgling settlements would disappear as time and the creatures of the new wild took their toll, but just as many would flourish, forming the seeds from which would sprout the nations of eras to come.

Foremost of these was the settlement begun by Reah Amun, lover of the slain Ardrua Xaina Brightarrow.  To preserve vansihing knowledge--of the Ardrua, of the Orodravian, and of the nations and times that had come before them--Amun constructed the Dome of the Central Archive, a fantastic library that formed the heart of the city of Gyrehorn, itself the nucleus of the first and greatest of all human nations: Xain.