The Empyrean Times


Little is known about this period of history in Faengleis.  According to commonly-accepted wisdom, creation began when Great Azuri called flame into being to light her way through the fog of eternity.  She then shattered the fire she had created and fashioned it into the stars.  Great Azuri then kissed the fog of eternity and it gathered itself together, where it congealed upon the surface of creation, forming itself into the disc of the world: Faengleis.

Upon this new place she fashioned seas from her tears and plucked a single hair from her head, which she wove into a thousand tiny dolls that became all living things.  To rule over these creatures, she summoned back four of the fires she had spread out into the nothingness of creation.  The first and brightest of them she named Thahtma, who would warm Faengleis.  The dimmest was Feyoon, set to guard the night but grown jealous of her sister for being named first.  The furthest was Vakad, who had learned much in his wandering and would stand sentinel against all that lay outside creation.  From a lost fragment of flame was crafted Nurket, a mad thing of purpose and design unknown.

Then, as she had fashioned all life from a single hair, she plucked four more hairs and crafted from each a Primal Goddess to serve the Four Glories.  From her blood, she fashioned four Primal Gods to serve as well.

Mingling herself with the Primal Gods, Great Azuri gave birth to the seasons.

Finally, she turned from Faengleis and in that moment time began.