Dawn of Empire

(OA 1 - 717)

The Sandstorm War left Faengleis in ruin, much knowledge lost as part of the Titan's willful campaign to destory what they claimed were false gospels left by Great Azuri and her godspawn.  But the war had also created heroes, many of whom were natural figures around which new civilizations would begin to form.

Most skilled and charismatic of these were Hektinak Orodravos, who quickly consolidated his rule over what would eventually become the Orodravian Heartlands.  He and his children erected a mighty fortress that would one day become known the world over: Kloh'thoon.  A fierce man and a skilled tactician, he was also wise, famed for his even temper and, if not compassionate, at least fair.  Under his rule, the new nation of Orodrave flourished, quickly absorbing its nearest neighbors and bringing prosperity to them as well.

It was not until OA 72, under the rule of Hektinak's grandsom Valkmar, that they first warred in any real sense.  Their eastern border was beset by pirates funded partly by a belligerent neighbor and, rather than simply dealing with a symptom, Valkmar sailed a fleet against the enemy nation.  Conquering them in less than a year, he created both the Orodravian Empire and a reputation for martial excellence that would be upheld by his son, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, and all other future descendents.

As members mingled with other families, as cousins were called in after the deaths of sons or daughters, and after at least two coups by family members, House Orodravos had passed through House Illestros, through House Vaince, and through House Mollc to become House Skathika.  The rising star of Skathika was Klad, the eldest son of Emperor Okard.  Klad was acknowledged by all who met him as insightful, charismatic, and driven; an Emperor who would go far.

But no one could have guessed how far until Okard died peacefully in his bed in OA 717.