The Diamond Times

(AG 94 - 379)

Most scholars agree that the era of discovery and high adventure known as the Diamond Times began in Age of Godsfall year 94, when the adventurer-king of Xain, Krüz Amun--grandson of the beloved Reah Amun--sailed the four outer oceans in a single legendary voyage.  He personally forged treaties with the halflings of the Wild Isles and the high elves of the Ascendancy, battled sahuagin corsairs on the open ocean, stole the heart of a beautiful dwarven forgemistress amidst the falls of Marak's Tears, and befriended the immortal titan Salthaz in the mist-shrouded Great Salt Forests of the far north.

From that day forth, men and women the world over held the spirit of Amun close to their heart whenever they set out on a journey.  Lost settlements were discovered as were fantastic ruins from before the war with the Orodravian.  Countries grew in power and prestige on the backs of adventurers and none profited so richly or so often as Xain, whose ports were said to be tiled in plundered gold while countless invaluable documents from the world over found their way into the Dome of the Central Archive.

It seemed almost as if the days of glory would never die, until the winter of Tower Age 379, with the death of Vayna Amun, Queen of Xain and the last true Amun.  She died without sibling or child, the throne passing to her husband Varanthus.  Though a good man in his own right, the blood of Xaina Brightarrow was gone from the world and the rulers of Xain from then-on would be a little less adventurous, a little less wise, and...a little more human.